Tuesday, 30 October 2018

5 reasons anxiety can be beneficial.

Anxiety is often intense, indescribable, and it can leave you feeling powerless and unable to focus on anything. However,  these feelings can occasionally be a good thing and can act as a warning sign to either danger or an important event which is rapidly approaching. Below are some of the many ways anxiety can help us to cope in certain situations.

We can predict accidents waiting to happen.  

When you have anxiety you plan ahead taking every detail into account, you're aware of any danger and will do anything you can to make sure disaster doesn't strike. So even though your sick of worrying, anxiety can ultimately keep you safe. 

We can make genuine friendships. 

Anxiety causes a lot of embarrassment and self-doubt which in a way can encourage you to associate with like-minded people such as yourself. From my own experience, I can normally guess when I'm annoying someone, or they just don't understand me, so I find it very difficult to open up. The great thing about anxiety is after all that embarrassment has disappeared and you can actually begin to have normal conversations without sweating and stuttering. You're able to express your insecurities and develop a genuine friendship.

We have great memories

I don't know about any of you, but I've always had a pretty good memory which is most probably because I overanalyze everything. I can't go a day without remembering something that happened five or six years ago. So this can be a good thing, when you're having a disagreement or somebody accuses you of lying, you can recall every inch of the conversation which helps you to shut the argument down and feel superior in the process.

We have more fun

Having anxiety prevents you from enjoying yourself, So when an opportunity arises, and you begin to relax and finally let your hair down, you'll enjoy yourself so much more than others, You will look forward to the next big day or night out.

You appreciate the little things. 

I find that I can become extremely excited about the smallest things this can be anything like new clothing, perfume or just getting comfy with a warm blanket and a nice cup of tea ready to watch a movie. Having anxiety can make you appreciate all the little things in life because our minds are so chaotic with worry all the time, it makes every small thing massive and can leave us feeling all happy inside.

Anxiety can be upsetting and leave me feeling very isolated but knowing the benefits of it gives me a little bit of comfort because it does have its upsides. 

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What are some of the benefits that you feel with your anxiety?  

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