Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Do you struggle with social anxiety? try these quick little tips to help

If you suffer from social anxiety and you're out and about, it can seem like hell on earth, each minute feels like an eternity, and you cannot ignore the feeling that your being watched like everyone is staring at you from every direction. Not to mention the physical symptoms such as sweating, pounding heart, and increased breathing. There are some ways that you can help distract yourself from these feelings they're quick temporary fixes that can be very effective. 


Listening to music in your earphones whilst you are on your way is a great way to gain confidence. Music can make you feel a range of emotions depending what kind of mood you're in and can help you forget everything around you for a while which can help you feel happy and confident.

Smile and engage

When you arrive at the place you have been dreading for the last week or so, You slowly approach and see a group of people chatting amongst themselves laughing and joking. Your breathing becomes heavier, your heart races and you frantically try to think of something to say that won't make you feel embarrassed and awkward. Rather then stroll straight past, lift your head up high and be sure to smile, say hello and try to engage in some sort of conversation perhaps you could talk about the party, food, or something related to the conversation.


When you're feeling anxious, you tend to begin fidgeting and need something to distract yourself this can be anything like fiddling with a hair band or using your mobile phone.  

Make sure you arrive on time

Make sure you arrive on time, there is litrally nothing worse than walking into a party and having to deal with everybody looking at you, questioning why you are late, and most probably laughing about it, which will cause a lot of embarrassment. Try to be on time that way you can feel more comfortable and be able to greet guests as they arrive.

Take a little break

When it's getting a little too much, head out for some air or a bathroom break and take a few minutes to breathe and relax.

Limit your alcohol intake

I know its very tempting to have a drink because it can make you much more relaxed and confident and one or two is perfectly fine, but try and not go overboard because believe it or not alcohol can increase anxiety and cause unnecessary stress. 

Remember someone else could be anxious 

Even though it seems like you're the only person in the room who feels this way, just remember there is probably somebody else feeling the exact same way as you do, try to remember your not the only one. 

I'm still anxious when I'm socializing, but the tips above definitely help me feel more confident.

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