Thursday, 11 October 2018

How to create a comforting self-care box

How to create a comforting self-care box

Owning a self-care box is great for your mental health, It not only improves our emotional well being, but it can give our confidence a much-needed boost. I've spent several lonely evenings sat staring into space dreading going to sleep because I know I'll have to wake up and deal with all these emotions all over again. Being able to open a box filled with all your favorite things and some lovely relaxation products can be very comforting and therapeutic, plus it can help you calm down and think more rationally. 

How to create a comforting self-care box

How to create your self-care box

  • Find a box any size you want you can use an old shoe box 
  • Decorate the box any way you like any style and colors don't stress in no way does this have to be perfect. 
  • Use glitter, sequins old pictures, paint anything. 
  • Inside your box, you could use tissue paper stickers anything remember this is only for you decorate however you wish. 

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If you don't want to create your own, then take a look at some of these ready-made boxes below, click on the link if you wish to purchase. 

Usually, when I'm annoyingly anxious, I find myself fidgeting, and unable to concentrate on anything else this is why I love having a self-care box because it can distract me and help me feel more relaxed and comforted. Here are a few examples of what you can put in there...

  • Photographs
  • journals
  • a soft blanket 
  • favorite books
  • favorite movies
  • knitting needles and some soft wool
  • coloring books 
  • scented candles
  • incense
  • soft tissues
  • puzzle books
  • bubble bath
  • anxiety bracelets
  • crystals
  • snacks
  • essential oils 
  • fidget spinner 
  • an old teddy bear 
  • hand cream 
  • nail varnish

Put your box in a safe place that's easily reachable so if your feeling down one evening all you got to do is take out some of your favorite things and you'll begin to take your mind off whatever you're upset and worried about. 

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What kind of things will you be putting in? 


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