Friday, 9 November 2018

42 Self care ideas to reduce anxiety

42 Self care ideas to reduce anxiety

Anxiety is horrible, it can create so much panic and you cannot relax your mind for more than a few minutes at a time and it's exhausting. Below are 42 self-care ideas to help you ignore anxiety and hush your mind for a little while. Contains affiliate links.

  1. Go for a long quiet walk away from any noise or traffic, a walk along the seafront or in a quiet park can do wonders.
  2. Watch a funny movie
  3. Take a long relaxing bath. I have a post on this take a look here. 
  4. Smell some lavender oil which you can get it Here
  5. Listen to some uplifting music 
  6. Spend time playing with animals such as cats and dogs.
  7. Write in a journal like this amazing one Here
  8. Take a nap 
  9. Get lost in a really good novel
  10. Tidy up it will keep your mind focused 
  11. Drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows 
  12. Leave your phone and social media alone completely disconnect
  13. Use an adult coloring book like this one Here  
  14. Read some inspiring, uplifting quotes
  15. Speak to a close friend and laugh a lot
  16. Do some knitting or crocheting something to keep your hands busy.
  17. If you have children or live with anybody play a board game
  18. Listen to a podcast
  19. If you feel like crying then watch a really sad film and let out all those emotions
  20. Try meditation and have your crystals with you. more on those here.
  21. Open your self-care box and take a look at some old photographs. I have a post on this here.
  22. Dim the lights and light some candles
  23. Play a game such as the sims I find this very relaxing making some families helping them become rich with the help of motherlode, if you play this game you'll know what I mean. 
  24. Lay outside in the evening and gaze at the stars
  25. Buy something and get it delivered its like a little present to yourself. 
  26. Declutter your room 
  27. Try some fiction writing imagine a perfect world full of amazing adventures. 
  28. Hug someone
  29. Pamper yourself
  30. Take some long deep breaths.
  31. Cook an amazing recipe
  32. If you like scary movies then watch some, they will certainly take your mind of anxiety for a while. I have a post on this here
  33. Take some photographs
  34. Change your hairstyle
  35. Exercise 
  36. Look up some hilarious GIFS
  37. Practice your makeup so on your next night out you look flawless.
  38. Try some yoga 
  39. Bake some bread
  40. Buy some flowers.
  41. Try making your own soap or bath products
  42. Make your own candles. 

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