Monday, 26 November 2018

60 things that cause me massive amounts of anxiety

 60 things that cause me massive amounts of anxiety

So many things can make me anxious, so anxious in fact that I find it very hard to deal with these different situations. Every single one of them can make me panic, sweat, experience nervous laughter, mumble and feel desperate to leave. It can be so bad, that I can practically feel everyone's eyes on me examining my every move and just waiting for me to screw up somehow. Do any of these sound familiar to you? 

  1. Listening to music through my headphones believing its too loud and people can hear it. 
  2. Grocery shopping
  3. Waiting for a bus
  4. Parents Evenings
  5. Telephone conversations
  6. Sorting out debts
  7. Doctor appointments
  8.  Attending family events and being encouraged to help myself to food and drink 
  9. Answering the phone
  10. Waiting in line at a shop, thinking I haven't got enough money to pay.
  11. Sending a text message to somebody and waiting for the reply
  12. Remembering a specific event and feeling ashamed by the way I acted 
  13. House or flat inspections
  14. Passing a crowd of people in the street.
  15. Hosting a party
  16. Talking to my neighbors
  17. Waiting at the school gates, seeing everyone laughing and joking and I'm standing by myself fiddling with my phone.
  18. Eating out
  19. Talking within a group of people struggling to find a way to join in so I laugh and nod along.
  20. I'm on my way to meet a friend for drinks then they tell me somebody else is coming that I either don't like or don't know.
  21. Taxi rides
  22. Speaking to someone and the conversation dries up and I have no idea what to say next.
  23. Receiving a gift and being watched as I open it.
  24. Getting a message on social media and feeling too scared to look at it in case someone is being horrible.
  25. Having a cough or cold and needing to sneeze or blow my nose in public.
  26. Getting my hair done trying to make small talk with the hairdresser.
  27. Clothes shopping 
  28. Exercising in public
  29. Having a stranger sitting next to me on a bus
  30. Pressing publish on a blog post
  31. Receiving any negative feedback
  32. Job interviews
  33. First day at a new job
  34. long train journeys
  35. Feeling terrified to go on holiday because of the airplane journey.
  36. When a stranger says hello to me
  37. Waiting rooms
  38. Filling out a form in public
  39. When I need to get past a crowd of people and having to say excuse me 
  40. When somebody asks me for directions
  41. Being late to anything 
  42. When I accidentally answer my own question 
  43. When I need to use the toilet but its to quiet and everyone can hear me 
  44. When I'm in a rush in the mornings and I look like crap and people talk to me. 
  45. Whenever someone gives me a compliment
  46. Not being able to reach something in a shop
  47. When my shoe laces come undone and I have to bend down and do them up
  48. When I drop something in front of people 
  49. Hello and goodbyes
  50. When someone starts crying and I don't know how to comfort them. 
  51. Taking any new medication 
  52. When my son starts acting up in public and I have to attempt to calm him down
  53. Someone takes a picture of me
  54. Buying a gift for someone and too scared to give it to them in case they don't like it. 
  55. Recommending a movie to someone, when they say they hated it and it was boring. 
  56. When there is silence in a crowd and my stomach rumbles really loud.
  57. Sleeping over at a friends house and having to share a bed
  58. Making tea and coffee for people and worried that they won't like it
  59. Cooking for people
  60. When someone is talking to me up close and I worry that my breath might smell. I constantly carry chewing gum with me for this just in case.

Does any of these make you feel Anxious or is it just me? xx

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