Thursday, 8 November 2018

Had a long stressful day? then try one of these ultra relaxing baths to release any built up tension

One of my favorite ways to relax after a busy, stressful day is to take a nice long hot bubble bath surrounded by some of my favorite bath products. Research has shown that having baths frequently helps lift your spirits and reduce depression, while also helping you to lose around 130 calories which is the equivalent of walking for half an hour how amazing is that!!!

Soaking in a hot bath just before bed can relieve any tension in your mind if you're anything like me and have trouble sleeping because of anxiety, then a relaxing bath is exactly what you need to sleep a lot more soundly. Below are some of the best ways and products to experience this ultra relaxing bath. The links below are affiliate links, If you choose to purchase anything through these links, you won't pay anything more, but I will receive a small commission.

Make the water lovely and hot.

Enjoying a long bath is much better if the water is nice and hot, you can soak for however long you want, sweat out any tension, and burn those extra calories.

No technology

Leave your phone and any technology out of the room, the last thing you want is to be nice and relaxed then hearing your phone ring or have the temptation to sit and scroll through Facebook and becoming irritated by something you've seen.

Use bath salts and lavender.

Unwinding with bath products cannot only relax you but can also alleviate any tired, aching muscles. Below are some of my favorites which smell amazing and helps melt away any built up anxiety and tension.

Have a drink on hand.

Usually, when I'm enjoying a bath I get so thirsty and want to get out after a few minutes, recently I've been taking a drink with me whether its water, lemonade or even a cup of tea anything on hand to take the thirst away so  keep a drink near you, and unwind without feeling thirsty. 

Light some candles or incense.

Dim the lights and light some candles, the smell of the bath products and the candlelight will really set the mood for relaxing. 

Place your crystals in the bath with you.

You can put some crystals which you use for anxiety in the bath with you, the energy of the crystals will help you feel peaceful and calm. I spoke about some amazing crystals in my post here

Lay back and relax

Once your bath is ready lie back, relax, embrace the silence, breath in the amazing smells of the lavender, clear your mind and enjoy. 

End each day with one of these calming baths and you'll forget about all the stress you've endured throughout the day. xxx

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