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How to stop unwanted intrusive thoughts

How to stop unwanted intrusive thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are a highly unwelcome symptom of depression and anxiety they can appear at any given moment then disappear in a flash. They can create panic and frustration making you question your sanity and leave you feeling extremely frightened.

I've always experienced these thoughts when I'm laying in bed struggling to sleep, I'll picture myself doing something terrible, or saying something hurtful to someone and it's very scary. I'll feel those nervous butterflies in my belly and try my absolute best to hold it together and not cry because I feel like a horrible person and I cannot understand why I'm imagining these things.

I became extremely distressed after I had our son, I suffered postnatal depression and would think some horrendous things. I had trouble bonding with my baby because I was afraid to be around him, every time I was these shameful thoughts invaded my mind, and I was absolutely terrified. I can remember one evening my mum picked us up to stay for the night, on our way to her house I began to silently cry mum noticed and questioned what the matter was so I broke down and explained everything, she chose to take me home so I could speak to my partner and try to calm myself down. Once arrived I gave my baby a huge cuddle and told him how much I loved him but noticing his adorable smile gazing up at me made me feel a million times worse, how could I ever have these thoughts about this cute, amazing little boy who I love more than anything. My mum comforted me told me everything will be okay and urged me to schedule doctors appointment for the following morning. I'm so happy that I did because he reassured me that it's completely normal and the more I'm concentrating on them, the worse they were going to be so he scheduled a councilling session.

Once I arrived at the session the lady made me feel very comfortable and asked what kind of thoughts I was having, as I reluctantly told her I began to feel disgusted in myself its one thing thinking these things but saying them out loud made me feel sick, how can these horrible words even come out of my mouth. She made me realise how normal these thoughts are and how extremely common they are and focusing on them makes them worse. I left the session with different tips to help and felt a lot more relaxed.

How to deal with intrusive thoughts.

Let them come and go

When you experience these thoughts don't try to stop them, try and allow them to happen, we have millions of thoughts a day and most of them we disregard so why should these be any different. Ignoring them lets them come and go very fast.

Distract yourself.

We often focus on intrusive thoughts when we are sitting quietly or when we are feeling stressed out. Find something to do that distracts you such as watching a really funny movie or a horror film that usually works for me as I mentioned in this previous post here. Listen to music, read a book or try some knitting or crocheting. 

Speak to a friend.

Talking about whatever is troubling you definitely helps, find someone who you trust and let them know how your feeling.

Remember its just a thought.

When you have intrusive thoughts just remind yourself that it really is just a thought, you're not going to act on it, and you have lots of thoughts every day acknowledge it and let it go.

If you're experiencing intrusive thoughts, you should try your very best to ignore them that is a lot easier said then done but it is possible. It's always best to seek help from a doctor if they really won't disappear as you could be suffering from depression or anxiety. Just remember the fact that your so distressed about them means you'll never ever act on them. 

I hope this helped and if you are suffering from these and if you need someone to talk to you can always message me for a chat xx

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