Thursday, 1 November 2018

How Watching Horror Movies Helps My Anxiety And Depression

Seeing as I love creepy things, I thought I would write this post on my love of horror movies I always thought I was a little weird because I enjoyed watching people suffer and try to survive, but the truth is watching them are a kind of escape and does help me forget about my everyday worries.

Ever since I was a young child, I mostly spent time in my room because I was too anxious to enjoy myself and I was very socially awkward. So I took comfort in watching spooky things and at that age, It was programs like are you afraid of the dark and goosebumps. I enjoyed nothing more than to sit in my purple blow-up chair with a big plate of biscuits creeping myself out.

My favorite childhood Halloween movies

Once I grew into an anxious teenager, me and my mum would sit and watch horror films surrounded by candles, usually hiding behind cushions to creeped out to look. I felt as if I could relax and get lost watching the characters fight to survive and if I could relate to the protagonist in any way, then I would be rooting for them while yelling and screaming at the tv.  Which in turn helps educate me on what I would do in the same situations and if the unfortunate events should somehow happen to me, then at least I would be able to escape or do something different.

My favorite horror movies. 

I'm not saying watching horror movies can benefit everybody because some people react differently, and witnessing horror can cause large amounts of stress and can even cause more anxiety than before. However if like me you regard them as an escape then there is absolutely no harm in enjoying them. Whether you're sitting completely glued to the screen, or hiding behind a pillow, you're not thinking about what happened earlier on in the day or some conversation you had six months ago, all you can think about is if your favorite characters survive or not. 

If you often feel as if your the only person in the world who is anxious or depressed, then watching a scary film can help you realize you're not the only person who is vulnerable, even though you know it's not real it can be comforting especially when your favorite character survives all that pain, torment, and suffering but maybe sleep with an extra light on that night, or do what I usually do, and that's watch a very funny comedy afterward to help me forget the horror I just witnessed and I'll then sleep easy. I would love to find some new ones to watch

Do you watch horror movies?

If so which ones?


  1. I find I get too stressed out with horror movies! I try to avoid them like the plague! lol

    I love childhood halloween movies but I truly can't handle real horror movies.

    Great post!! ;-)

    1. Its weird because I love to watch them but they absolutely terrify me and I barely look throughout the whole thing but I love them. Hocus pocus was my all time favourite growing up. Thanks for commenting. ♥

  2. I can definitely relate. Horror movies give you the adrenaline rush that you need to perk you up, and horror comedies will make you laugh. So, it's an effective therapy.

    1. They Definitely help and I love horror comedy's. Thanks for commenting. ♥

  3. This is an interesting take on horror movies! My personal favorite is the Insidious series. Haven't seen What Lies Beneath yet but I'm curious!

    Laura ||

    1. Oh I love insidious definitely freaked me out. What lies beneath is amazing very creepy that one honestly made me sleep with the light on for weeks. Check it out it's really good let me know what you think. Thanks for commenting. ♥