Tuesday, 27 November 2018

How pets can help improve anxiety and depression

Each evening after a long stressful day I'll be relaxing trying to process everything that's happened and how I feel about it such as work, my parenting abilities, relationship troubles, or even something I said to somebody around five or six years ago. Then in walks my extremely vocal cat leaning into me and demanding a cuddle, and I'll quickly forget about my problems for a few minutes. Stroking his soft body, brushing my head against his, and listening to his adorable purring instantly lifts my mood and makes me smile.

Cats and dogs can sense when we are stressed, anxious, or depressed and taking the time to sit and play or stroke your pets has an intensely calming effect and works absolute wonders if you're struggling with anxiety or depression. Below are ways in which your cat or dog can help you feel calm and happy.

You can let out all your anxious thoughts. 

When you're feeling down, anxious, and depressed you can gain a great deal of comfort from your pet, you can honestly sit and talk to them for hours there is no judgment, you can speak freely, and you can let out any tears, and it feels so good to let it all out.

Great for cuddles

Sometimes all we need is a cuddle from somebody we love to make us feel a little better, and your pet is a great candidate for that. When your sitting overanalyzing everything in your mind and feeling unable to stop, cuddling your pet can help calm you down and feel more at ease

You can feel less alone

Anxiety and depression can make you feel incredibly alone, and it's a horrible feeling. Having your pet around can ease loneliness you have someone to talk to, cuddle and just be there for you each day with no criticism or judgment just pure love.


Playing with your pet can distract you from your worries because your so focused on them pouncing, catching a ball, totally tearing up a toy mouse or playing tug of war. Which keeps your mind so focused on them, and can put you in a great mood.

Pets are there for us no matter what with there unconditional love they provide such great comfort and happiness. Do you have pets? How do they help you? xx

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