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Signs your happy and unhappy in your relationship

Signs your happy and unhappy in your relationship

Do you ever have feelings of unhappiness in your relationship and often visualize a better life? I certainly do. I've been with my partner for several years now, and while we do love one another and live a relatively happy life we often argue and resent each other for days afterward, and most of our arguments are petty and ridiculous.

If you struggle as I do with anxiety and depression, you can sometimes create tons of drama up in your head and take your partners witty comment and turn it into something hurtful and upsetting. You can conjure up all sorts of dilemmas and start to believe you're the reason it feels like its falling apart. However, there are some signs out there that really show if it's the entire relationship, in general, that's making you feel this way or if it is just your own vulnerabilities, creating lots of unnecessary problems. A lot of couples will be so unhappy but stay together so their children can have a proper family or have just been together for so long that they've become so used to having each other around and they can't imagine them not being there.

To truly determine if you're generally happy in your relationship you should be feeling all these things.

Signs your happy and unhappy in your relationship

  • You get butterflies whenever you're around your partner or are very excited to see them 
  • You love watching movies and tv together 
  • You have regular intimacy 
  • You barely argue
  • You love spending time together 
  • You miss each other 
  • You pay each other lots of compliments
  • You enjoy buying each other presents
  • You make tons of time for each other 
  • You only argue over important matters
  • You enjoy planning a future together 
  • You're both very affectionate
  • You have little playfights 
  • You cuddle a lot 
  • You cannot imagine being apart 
  • You only have eyes for each other

If your feeling unhappy for some reason but feel most of the above, then that's a great sign it can mean you need to be a bit more open and honest with each other and try to work towards ending those insecurities and feelings of self-doubt. However, If you're feeling any of these below then its a clear indication that your no longer happy and it may be a good time to call it a day to save you both from living a life of unhappiness and upset.

Signs your happy and unhappy in your relationship

  • You don't trust each other and will secretly check each other's phones
  • You don't want to spend time together and wish for your own space
  • You argue over everything
  • You cannot be yourself
  • You can't be bothered to do anything together
  • You don't feel happy anymore
  • you imagine a better life
  • You flirt with others 
  • When you have free time you spend time apart
  • you dread going home each evening
  • you feel trapped
  • you feel insecure
  • everything your partner does annoys you 
  • Lack of intimacy
  • You don't feel respected
  • You constantly complain about your partner to your friends
  • You don't put each other first anymore
  • Lack of conversation
  • You don't laugh and have fun anymore
  • Nights outs are always ruined by fighting
  • You keep secrets from each other
  • You sit in separate rooms 
  • You have nothing in common anymore
  • You ignore your partner's texts and calls
  • Your constantly threatening to leave

Living with someone when your unhappy is extremely tough. I witnessed my parents argue like cat and dog until they eventually split up and after months of upset they went on to live much happier contented lives. Relationships are bloody hard and if you want to stay and fight for what you have then that's amazing, but if you have no energy left, and have completely given up then its best to get out before you both end up miserable, and start resenting each other.

If there's anything you would like to add to the happy or unhappy lists which I've probably forgotten to mention then let me know in the comments x

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