Tuesday, 18 December 2018

What I keep in my handbag, to ease my Anxiety throughout the day.

What I keep in my handbag, to ease my Anxiety throughout the day.

I can't go anywhere without my handbag which is full of some of my most favorite calming products, because I know at some point during the day I'm going to become incredibly anxious and need something to help calm me down.

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  • Lavender and chamomile oil - This isn't supposed to be for anxiety its actually for babies, but that's how I discovered it when using it for my son. However, I now use it for myself all the time it smells delightful and truly helps me feel calm and peaceful. I place a few drops in my hands rub them together and take a long deep breath. It's also great if you have difficulty sleeping at night. If you wish to purchase this amazing stuff, then click here

  • Bubbles- When I'm feeling out of breath because I'm starting to panic, a great thing to have is some bubbles it really helps regulate my breathing, and let's face it, blowing bubbles is so much fun. 

  • Stress balls- Having something to reach in my bag and squeeze really helps me to ease any anger thats built up inside, they make me feel a little calmer and de-stressed. If you wish to purchase these ones then click the image below. 

  • Chewing gum-When my thoughts are racing, chewing gum is a great way to help focus my mind on something else like the flavor and each time I chew. Bubblegum is my favorite. 

  • Photos- I keep some of my most favorite photographs in my bag just in case I'm having a  depressed day and feeling incredibly sad. Looking at the pictures can help me remember past experiences and pleasant times. 

  • Scented tissues- When I'm having persistent crying episodes, or feeling depressed in general, scented tissues are a pleasant way to relax. I hold them to my nose and take slow deep breaths while inhaling the lovely fragrance. These lavender tissues smell great and are very soft as well. Click the image below if you wish to purchase. 

  • Earphones- I almost always listen to music when I'm out and about. It blocks out all sounds around me, and I don't feel like I'm being talked about or laughed at. It's an excellent distraction. 

  • Compact mirror- When I'm feeling like I'm being looked or laughed at I'll immediately think there's something on my face or my make up looks stupid, so having a small mirror in my bag helps end those worries and at least I know I look okay. 

  • Chamomile tea- I carry this tea everywhere because it helps me calm down and feel much peaceful and relaxed. 

I feel anxious, almost every single day, and as long as I carry these items around with me I will have many distractions to help me focus on different things. If you find yourself feeling the way I do, try and put some of these in your bag and let me know if they help you or not. 

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