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Types of Anxiety disorders such as GAD, health anxiety and social anxiety with 15 quick tips for relief.

Types of Anxiety disorders such as GAD, health anxiety and social anxiety with 15 quick tips for relief.

If you're one of the countless people in this world that feels like you're going mad since all you do is worry every single day over and over again about the most ridiculous, pointless, trivial things until you ultimately collapse into a heap on the floor or retreat to your bed sobbing, trying frantically to stop believing all the worst case scenarios. Well if this sounds like something you do on a day to day bases, then you could be suffering from gad (generalized anxiety disorder) which is easily treated either by medication, therapy or you can try the more natural approach which is something I like to do along with some home remedies and trust me there are thousands of those out there. There are many different types of Anxiety issues but today I'll be talking about just three of them these are the ones which I experience.

In this post, I'll be going over all the emotional and physical signs, think of this as your anxiety guide which you can look back on when you're overwhelmed. So get comfortable, grab a coffee, relax and read on to see if any of these things below apply to you and hopefully by the end, you can feel rest assured that you're not crazy you're just anxious.

First things first let me briefly go over what GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) actually is.  

It's constant unnecessary worrying about every little thing such as money, relationships, health, parenting, family, work or school basically everything. You just expect disaster to strike at any moment and exaggerate everything to the point where you make up unrealistic scenarios in your head and can not find a way to stop. 

It's overpowering I often feel like I'm the only one who cares about this stuff and if I don't worry about it and question everything, then it will all just fall apart. I put enormous pressure on myself, to keep everything running smoothly and it's exhausting.

What's the difference between normal anxiety and Gad?

Anyone can experience anxiety let's say you have a big meeting coming up or you're traveling on an airplane when you hate flying,  you haven't paid your bills on time all of this can make you anxious. However, once the issues have been resolved your anxiety may go away, and you won't give it a second thought.

But Gad is constant, it never stops. You could be thinking that big meeting you had early in the morning all day long, believing that you screwed up somehow and made yourself look stupid. It makes you feel sick with worry and no matter how much you tell yourself to stop, you cant it's constant you become agitated and find it really hard to relax. 

Let's look at all the symptoms of GAD. 

  • Nonstop worries continually all through the day no matter how small or irrelevant an issue is, in your mind its a huge deal.
  • No matter what you do, you can't stop feeling anxious. 
  • You cant relax and feel on edge constantly
  • You worry for no reason, when everyone else lets it go over there head, you sit there preparing for the worst possible outcome.
  • You find it really hard to concentrate
  • You struggle to make easy decisions because you feel no matter what you decide, it will be wrong. 

Physical symptoms.  

  • You're constantly tired, even if you got a full eight hours sleep the night before you just feel knackered.  
  • You become irritable over the slightest things, I feel sorry for my partner because I do take a lot of stuff out on him and I don't mean to be horrible, but it's hard to stay calm when your mind is filled with negativity.
  • You feel physically sick. 
  • You can suffer headaches
  • You can suffer stomach issues such as irritable bowel syndrome

 Now you could be wondering why your symptoms aren't there perhaps you have health-related issues or find it hard to socialize. These are all things that I have to face each day and even though I have ways to help myself Sometimes it still manages to sneak through. Just the other week I had a slightly embarrassing problem, and it honestly sent my anxiety through the roof, I do have a post on this if you want to read it then click this link here. I'm going to list the symptoms of health and social anxiety in just a moment but before I do, im going to give you a brief insight into my experiences with the two.

Health anxiety. 

I've experienced health anxiety for many years now, and one of my earliest memories was when I had to have two teeth taken out and was booked in to be put to sleep. I panicked and begged my mum not to let me go because I was terrified I wouldn't wake up, however, I didn't tell her that part which meant it was in my head every minute of the day until my appointment was over. Bearing in mind, I was 9 at the time, and that's a pretty dark thing to worry about at that age. Growing up, I haven't changed I still worry about everything, and since the magic of google came about my browsing history is litrally full of searches of life-threatening diseases which at the time I'm almost sure I had. Then came the time I broke my leg in front of a packed out venue It was very embarrassing and I still cringe now thinking about it keep an eye out for that in an upcoming post. Anyway, I contracted a serious infection and spent two weeks in the hospital, and it was horrifying every operation I had went wrong, and I must have driven the nurses crazy with my endless worries and questions.

Social anxiety.

Good old social anxiety making me too afraid to even leave the house because of what people might think of me, I can't make simple phone calls, I can't open the door to a delivery person without feeling anxious and I can't even attend my son's school performances because I have to sit with some random parents, who barely say two words to me I feel like the odd one out and it's so awkward. I can't initiate a conversation without stuttering, sweating, blushing or I end up talking absolute nonsense and its been happening ever since I can remember. I've been accused of being a rubbish friend before because I didn't keep in constant communication which was mainly because of I didn't  like to message first all the time and I would often cancel at plans at the last minute because my anxiety was acting up, However, friendship works both ways its never one-sided and friends need to SUPPORT EACH OTHER NOT JUDGE ONE ANOTHER.

So now I've revealed just a little about both my health and social anxiety, Here are symptoms of both, do any of them sound familiar?

Symptoms of health anxiety.

  • Constantly worried about your health.
  • Checking your body for anything out the ordinary such as lumps, skin rashes or pain. 
  • You are sure the doctor has got all your tests wrong or has missed something. 
  • Seeking reassurance from friends and family 
  • You search the internet for hours at a time looking at symptoms, articles, peoples stories and you eventually become terrified and think your dying. 
  • You cant watch anything medical. 
  • You act like your ill. 

Symptoms of social anxiety. 

  • Constant fear of embarrassing yourself 
  • Avoiding social situations 
  • Fear of being judged 
  • Sweating
  • Blushing
  • Trembling 
  • Scared to talk to strangers
  • During a social occasion, you become so anxious that you can barely breathe.
  • You obsess over how you acted in front of someone, or sometimes I can send a text message to someone and become terrified that I sounded stupid and can't bring myself to look at the response.
  • Thinking everybody is against you and they're talking and laughing behind your back. 
  • Feeling like your mind has gone blank 
  • Lightheaded
  • Palpitations 

So hopefully by now you have noticed your symptoms and feel a tiny bit better and taken comfort in the fact that it's normal to have these feelings when dealing with anxiety. Below I'm going to share some things which have caused me an intense amount of anxiety to the point where I've nearly passed out through fear. If you haven't got anxiety then some of these may seem ridiculous, but in my mind at the time they were enormous, and I had no idea how to calm myself down.

My sons birthday party. 

Last year we threw our son a 6th birthday party, once the day arrived, I woke up terrified but as I noticed my sons excited face I remembered why we were doing this. It was the constant worries of nobody turning up that upset me so much, and what if the children were bored? It would have been heartbreaking for him. However, that was not the worst bit It was when the guests began to arrive and luckily they all did show, so that was great, but it meant I was stuck in a room with sixteen children and around twenty parents it was terrifying. I had to welcome everyone, and I could feel my face burning up, I was sweating, and I could not stop shaking. I asked everyone if they wanted a tea or coffee so I went and made some with my partner's help, But I just froze, It was like I was stuck in the kitchen hiding from everyone too afraid to move. After an hour or so it was time for lunch, we managed to hand out everything, and they headed back to the party. I took several breaks throughout, mostly in the toilet where I tried to calm down and breathe slowly and said 'I can do this' to myself numerous times until I felt better. Our son had a fabulous time and was so grateful which made it all worth it. 

An office job interview. 

When I was seventeen I attended a job interview, and when I walked into the room, there were four intimidating businessmen asking me to sit down. By this point, I was shaking so much and started fidgeting with something in my pocket to calm my nerves. They asked me a dozen questions, and I ended up muttering the answers because I knew I sounded ridiculous. But the worst part was they handed me a test sheet with twenty maths questions on it I felt like I was at school all over again it was awful plus I was rubbish at maths so it all looked gibberish to me. I asked for a quick bathroom break they agreed and gave me five minutes well they must have waited a while because I bolted out of there, put my hand on a large tree and struggled to breathe for around two minutes. Afterward, I had so many phone calls, but I ignored them and ended up thinking about it for weeks after humiliated by the way I acted and it honestly put me off interviews for life. 

Texting a friend by mistake.

I become so freaked out when Im texting somebody in case I sound stupid and say the wrong things. Or in my case be texting somebody talking about my concerns for a friend and her relationship with a guy that was not great for her, but what stupid thing did I do instead.?  
That's right message that friend by mistake. She replied, hurling insults at me and we were having an all-out war through text message. I was terrified to speak my mind to her and couldn't bring myself to look at the replies, so I ended up drinking half a bottle of wine that evening for some courage to defend myself. Even then I cried so much because I didn't mean to be horrible I was just looking out for a friend.

These are just a few ways anxiety affects me, there are so many more instances but I don't want to bore you all. Anyway If you cannot relax, then I do have a lot of posts to try and calm anxiety, but If you want quick relief right this second then read on for some tips.

Just a quick heads up, I'm not a professional I write advice to manage anxiety, but if you're feeling really bad then it's best to visit a doctor and let him or her know how your feeling. Anyway, here are my top quick tips for when anxiety strikes, at the most inconvenient times.

  • Long deep breaths.
  • Use the grounding technique, Look for five things around you, feel four things around you, focus on three things you can hear, inhale two smells, acknowledge one thing you can taste. 
  • Place some lavender drops in your hands, rub them together and inhale, Lavender is very calming.
  • Always have a special object with you, mine is a keychain with one of my son's pictures in and when im feeling overwhelmed I hold onto it and tell myself that Im going to be okay. 
  • If you're out take your earphones and listen to some calming music. 
  • Write down your thoughts in a journal, Or if your outside and haven't got your journal with you, use the notes on your phone.
  • Accepting your anxiety can actually help because once you've managed to accept it you can quickly brush it aside and carry on. Rather than give it power.
  • Head to the bathroom and splash cold water your face this can help snap you out of it and allow you to think. 
  • Phone a family member or friend. 
  • Play a game on your phone. 
  • If your outside look at some old videos or pictures on your phone.
  • Hug your pets, Im constantly hugging my cat he makes me feel happy and calms me down. 
  • Hug your kids (if they will let you, I have to actually chase my son for a cuddle.)
  • If you're at home and need to do some washing up but can't face it, then put a nice film or tv show on your phone using Netflix or something and before you know it, you would be so focused on the film and the washing up will take less time. 
  • Some evenings my hands are shaking because im anxious about something so I try to do something like knitting, crocheting, practicing my makeup or trying new hairstyles. It makes me forget what I was anxious about, and give me something else to focus on. 

I hoped this helped you and gave you a little bit of comfort. I put how various situations affect me so you can see that you're not alone. Even though anxiety can leave you terrified, it's very common, and thousands of people go through it every day. Thanks for reading and I apologize that it was so long. Just remember I'm always here for a chat. x

What are some of your experiences with anxiety? 

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Sunday, 27 January 2019

My thoughts and tips on bullying

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Two days ago I was walking home from school after picking up my son, I noticed this teenage boy walking on his own and after a few minutes these two boys cycled over to him and began calling him some really humiliating names, he didn't respond he just looked terrified and they were repulsive to this poor kid, and my heart honestly broke for him.  As he walked on these boys began cycling slowly right beside him and continued to taunt him. I'm not sure what the young lad said, but it made one of them climb off his bike and stand directly in front of him. Anyway, they continued being horrible, started laughing and cycled away. 

I walked over to the boy while he was standing still looking at his phone and I quietly asked if he was okay, he nodded then he carried on walking. I was behind with my son who luckily didn't notice how horrible these boys were because he was more interested in picking up random sticks off the floor and pretending they were ghostbuster lasers or something😅😅. A few minutes passed, and these boys came back once again to tease him and it made the boy run, I got a little fed up at this point and asked them to leave him alone well you can probably imagine the response I received. However, I informed them that this boy hadn't done anything to them and it's not fair to bully and scare him. I told them that he was gone now anyway so why don't they go, they muttered something and rode away. 

They were finally gone, and as we walked a little more down the road, we saw the boy sitting on a bench looking too frightened to move we walked over, and I informed him that they were gone, however, just in case they choose to come back maybe it was a good idea to go home. He said he wanted to but was too scared in case they came back, and nobody was answering the phone to come and get him so I asked if he lived nearby and he said about ten-fifteen minutes away on a road that was near where we live so I offered to walk him back and he accepted. We approached his house and I advised him to talk with his parents or teachers so they can help he assured me that he would, said thank you and went indoors. I felt so sorry for him because I remember what those walks home from school was like, especially if you're on your own with a gang of kids in front and behind you it was terrifying. 

I felt like I did the right thing and stopped anything horrible happening to him. But it did get me thinking about how terrible bullying is and how I'm utterly terrified for my son. I'm trying my best to avoid thinking about his scary teenage years especially after what I saw today, but I can't help it. It's quite horrendous we want our children to be independent and able to tackle anything on there own such as walks home or bus and train journeys yet, there's so much trouble everywhere, and I'm going to be frightened to let him out of my sight.

I can't stand bullies they make me feel sick, trying to convince someone that they're worthless and not important or cherished in life is one of the cruelest things they can do. I mean what right have these people got to make anyone feel hated and less superior to them.?

Growing up was very hard for me in school, I didn't engage with others, I would sometimes avoid a  class because somebody I was scared off was sitting by me, I had a few things thrown at me, I was called names I didn't have many friends and I tried my best to be invisible. Yes, this was bad but they treated another girl much worse than me. This girl was bullied every single day because she had braces and without sounding horrible she did have a particular smell about her. So bullies made her life hell. I remember wandering down a corridor and noticing her with a large crowd of people, pushing and throwing stuff at her. She was crying and pleading with them to stop, but as usual, they didn't listen they thought this was hilarious and carried on. I used to catch her sobbing in the toilets and when I asked whether or not she was okay she just ignored me. I never got an opportunity to talk to her because like me she always wanted to be alone. I often think about her and wonder how her life is now if she's happy and put her difficult school days behind her. I've searched on social media for her but haven't found her yet. But even if I did, I wouldn't know what to say because for all I know she may resent the fact that I never helped. But the truth is I was too scared and anxious myself, I avoided any confrontation. I was somewhat selfish, and if I could go back in time, I would try my best to get over my own vulnerabilities and help her in any way that I could.

My thoughts and tips on bullying

These days our entire lives are plastered all over social media, you can litrally find out anything about someone it's so easy to be targeted, and it can cause an extreme amount of damage to somebody's self-esteem. I feel incredibly sorry for people that take their own lives because of this. It's horrendous to think that somebody can feel so lost, like the whole entire world is out to get them, and the only possible way out is to end it all its really sad but it happens every day. 

Bullying can happen to anyone at any age it can happen anywhere like 

  • School
  • Work
  • Between friends
  • Social media
  • Families
  • Relationships
  • A casual walk down the shops
  • Neighbors

Tips to deal with bullies.

Over the years I've come to learn what the best way of handling bullies are check them out below.

 Tell someone

Bottling it up inside out of fear or embarrassment is one of the worst things you can do, in fact, it can make you feel worse and isolated. If you're being bullied at school, work or anywhere then tell a trustworthy adult the entire story and how bad it's making you feel. Remember if you don't tell anyone then nobody will know and the situation can only get worse. Teachers, parents, bosses are all there to help and will do everything they can to keep you safe and happy. Don't be afraid to tell someone because you might get called a telltale as bullying can have severe consequences. Speak up for yourself or others and stop those bullies in their tracks. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Try to avoid where your bully hangs out. 

Don't go anywhere near where they are if you see them walking towards you turn around and walk a different way. If you see them walking into the toilet go to a different one, and if you see them walking the same route as you home either walk with friends so your not alone or go a different way. But don't avoid going to school or work don't let them think they have the authority to keep you away you need both and nobody has a right to push you out. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Try your best to ignore them and stand tall.

I know its hard to ignore a bully but stand tall, don't react and ignore them. Think of something that makes you happy try not to get upset because this will show them that there winning. They like to bully and create a reaction so don't show your feelings let it pass and walk away with confidence. They will soon get bored and move on. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Always be with your friends. 

Granted you can't stick to your friends like glue but whenever possible try to not be by yourself if your bullies catch you alone they will see an opportunity to harass you.

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Act confident and tell them to leave you alone

Occasionally bullies will try to surround you and try to hurt you stand tall, look them in the eye, tell them to leave you alone and let them know you don't want to fight. Try not to show emotion and definitely do not cry this will give them power over you and they will use this as a way to scare and humiliate you. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

As I said, bullies love a reaction because they feel like they've got one over you, have ripped you apart and defeated you. The one thing that can anger a bully is not to seem bothered by them act like they're not even there and don't let them stop you from being happy. There's always a way out, somebody is always waiting to comfort you, and help you deal with the situation.

I really hope you're not going through this at the moment as its one of the worst things to have to face. let me know your views in the comments below and if you ever need to talk I'm always here to chat. x 

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Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

I've always had trouble unwinding at night and it's made sleeping extremely difficult. However, it's started to get a little easier with some of these quick tips below, but before I get into that let me briefly explain how bad my sleeping pattern was and how it was starting to affect every aspect of my life.

Each night after struggling to stay awake, I would feel so relieved that I was going to get an entire eight hours sleep, but of course, anxiety would never allow such a thing, would it?

As soon as my head hit the pillow, boom I was suddenly wide awake every negative thought that I'd ever come up with would race around my mind, one after the other over and over again until it eventually gave me an anxiety attack and I had to get up, drink some water and try to calm down. I was sweating, experienced heart palpitations, felt nauseous, lightheaded and I had that general feeling of impending doom not to mention the tears streaming down my face. I would litrally only be sleeping around three to four hours a night even then I'd be waking up every hour tossing and turning and becoming concerned whenever I heard an unfamiliar noise.

The lack of sleep was beginning to affect my life I struggled to concentrate on anything, I was taking ridiculously long naps in the middle of the day, It was a massive effort to complete household chores, I was constantly sick and I was always in a foul mood. It took me a while to realize I needed to try and stop all this negativity at nighttime.

So I've found some great things that really help me and I hope they can help you too, its all about emptying your mind and being present in the moment. 

Unwinding before bed.

Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

Take a nice, warm, relaxing bath before bed with some of your favorite bath products like bath salts or lavender bath milk. It will instantly relax you and can help clear your mind. I usually become very thirsty in the bath and sometimes will have to get out, to prevent this take a jug of water in with you so you can unwind for longer. I do have another post on how to prepare an ultra-relaxing bath take a look here

Put that phone down. 

Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

This is something I still struggle with because im litrally addicted to my phone and I'm constantly using it. However, because of anxiety I usually google when I'm freaking out which creates so much unnecessary tension. So im going to attempt this as well. Therefore, let's all put down our phones an hour or so before bed, try to empty our minds and relax.

Ditch the caffeine.

Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

Stay away from coffee before bed because coffee is a stimulant, it can cause a pounding heart, sweating and a ringing sensation in the ears. All this would panic people with anxiety because we imagine the worst case scenarios. So try to stay away from it a few hours before bed, drink water instead or if you fancy a warm drink, try some chamomile tea this can help you sleep because its a mild sleep inducer and to be honest it is beautiful. 

Lavender oil.

Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

I use a lavender oil called lavender and chamomile essential oil bland. It's funny because I found this when my son was a baby, and it's from the cheeky wipes website. But I'm telling you it smells amazing and inhaling this stuff immediately relaxes me, and I feel all happy inside. Once I'm in bed, I'll put a few drops on my hand or my pillow and take long deep breaths. If you wish to purchase this then click here

Listen to some relaxing music or sounds. 

Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

I recently wrote a post on this, my cousin recommended listening to some nature sounds on youtube and I found some great ones. Because Im not using my phone at bedtime I'll use an iPad just for this and nothing else. When I hear these sounds, I can envision actually being there and its so soothing. To find out which ones are my personal favorites then take a look at this post here

Deep breathing. 

Struggling to sleep? Try these quick tips to help you rest easy and eliminate anxiety

As Im listening to those amazing sounds I like to try some deep breathing, I lie flat and take long deep breaths. I shut my eyes, breath in through my nose for 5 seconds then hold my breath for 6 seconds, then slowly breath out my mouth for another 7 seconds. By doing this and listening to those sounds, I normally can feel so relaxed and find it much easier to sleep. 

By using these tips above you should hopefully be able to enjoy a decent nights sleep. Remember anxiety only has power when you let it when it strikes pay absolutely no attention to it whatsoever, focus on something else entirely, that's much easier said then done I know, my anxiety is awful I can get so worked up over nothing and blow everything out of giant proportions. However, with these tips above you can start to feel a little better and get some much-needed rest. They've certainly helped me and I hope they can help you too.

Do you have any more tips to sleep?  

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

My favourite relaxation sounds, which helps me sleep easy and forget about anxiety.

My favourite relaxation sounds, which helps me sleep easy and forget about anxiety.

Lately, I've been having a really tough time sleeping, which is possibly because I'm laying wide awake, staring at the ceiling and overanalyzing everything. I'm not even anxious about anything in particular, it's the small things, like having to travel on a bus the following morning, having to face a large crowd of people at the school gates or even having to pop in a shop for supplies. I imagine all the worst case scenarios all the time and will become convinced that something disastrous might happen. I've never been one for going to bed early anyway because I'm such a night owl, so when I do eventually crawl into bed its usually around 2 am,  but I'm having to wake up again in four and a half hours so no wonder im always so bloody exhausted!!

I can't sleep without some kind of noise so each night I watch a film or tv show quietly on my iPad with my earphones in, and sometimes yes it does help, but other times I'll suddenly become engrossed in whatever I'm watching and it then I'll stay awake and watch the whole film. It can even be something I've seen a million times it doesn't matter it will still hold my attention and keep me interested and regretfully stop me from sleeping.  

Okay, now I've told you about my troubles, let me try to help you out and reveal what you've actually clicked on this post for, rather than listen to me rambling on sorry😳😳.

My cousin, also has trouble sleeping and she advised me to try listening to some relaxation sounds on youtube, and I have to say some of them are amazing and very relaxing. Below are some of my favorites check them out and see which could work for you.

I love this one because I'm obsessed with the ocean. Hearing the waves crashing gently on the shore is great for unwinding. I dream I'm on a nice pleasant, peaceful beach with no anxiety or stress. 

Who doesn't love a campfire?
This is very comforting to listen to I love the sounds of wolves in the distance, they're my all-time favorite animal, I love the sounds they make and im really at peace listening this. 

I was very surprised that I liked this one because I much prefer the sounds of nature, But its so quiet and surprisingly peaceful and something I can definitely fall asleep too. Sounds nothing like where I live which is next to an irritating main road which is extremely noisy.  Also, that view is amazing, isn't it? 

There's nothing better than a good old fashioned thunderstorm and a soothing crackling fireplace. It reminds me of my childhood sleeping at my grandma's house so quiet and peaceful. 

This is just nature at its finest. I feel so calm listening to this my worries disappear and I feel like Im actually there. 

As I said before, I love the sound of nature and wolves, but this one has coyotes aswel I honestly feel like im camping listening to this one.

These are just a few of them have a look around on youtube there are litrally thousands some with music in the background or some like these without music. Honestly, give these a try they can truly make a huge difference. 

Have you found any other ones? Have you found any nice ones with wolves? reply in the comments below. x

I hope this helped you if so, feel free to share, comment and follow my blog for future updates. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

9 Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

Ever had one of those weeks where everything makes you anxious, and you don't even know why or what has caused it.?

I have and its happening to me right now, I'm so tense and feeling unable to quietened down my noisy anxious mind and have some much needed time to myself to decompress and unwind.

Therefore, I really need some inspiration to encourage me to calm down and be able to breathe for more than a few minutes at the time. I've found some amazing quotes online mostly from Healthyplace.com and decided to put some of my favorites right here for all of you enjoy as well. I hope they can benefit you as much as they do me.

Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety
Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

Inspirational quotes to get you through the week and help with anxiety

I hope these can inspire you as much as they do me. 

Do you have any other quotes which can inspire somebody? 

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Monday, 21 January 2019

Why confrontations terrify me, and makes me extremely Anxious

Why confrontations terrify me, and make me extremely Anxious

Confrontations are one of the worst situations to be in especially when I'm already feeling anxious. There have been times where I've been involved in something and usually its one of those annoying he said, she saids, between friends. Rather than confront the issues, I'll disregard them altogether, and I could easily go days, weeks or even months ignoring everyone because I'm too much of a coward to speak up and defend myself. 

There have been so many times where I've just let people treat me like trash or say something incredibly offensive because I'm feeling totally incapable of standing up for myself, and having to look someone dead in the eye trying to fight my corner is not easy especially when im already struggling to string a bloody sentence together without stuttering. It's awful I'll abandon my friends because I don't want to deal with the uncomfortableness of the entire argument. 

The one time I did confront somebody, was at a party, and I admit I did have one too many wines and got a little brave. Basically, this girl who I'd never even met before was trying her best to stir up trouble between me and a close friend, and I did put up with this for a while, however, this night I had just about enough and decided now was the time I stood up for myself. I practiced what I was going to say a dozen times in my head before I approached her, I calmly strolled over and asked why she had such an issue with me especially when she doesn't even know me and not for one second did I raise my voice. I waited for her response, but she just laughed and turned away from me. So I tapped her on the shoulder and politely asked her to not to laugh at me and please answer my question. I explained that I hadn't done anything to her and demanded to know what her problem was, but all of a sudden this girl started yelling at me WHAT THE HECK.

She litrally went from 0 to 100 in seconds and screamed about some petty argument me and my friend had two years prior to this which had since been resolved. Again I calmly informed her that it was over and done with and is now no longer relevant, also she was not there, so has no right to bring that up when its nothing to do with her. She certainly didn't like that and carried on raging at me. I could see crowds of people around us witnessing this and I became immediately embarrassed. It felt like everyone was closing in on me, and I found it so hard to breathe. I was sweating, shaking and holding back the tears. I glanced over at my friend and told her I was going home and wandered out. As I left my eyes filled up with tears, and I felt like everyone was against me, the worst part is nobody followed me outside. I stood and waited for around ten minutes in case my friend came to support me but nobody came. I could hear everyone carrying on enjoying the party laughing, dancing and having fun and there was me walking home alone, trying to cry discreetly so nobody would notice. Since then I've barely spoken to my friend because I felt disregarded and very lonely.

Because of this, I avoid confrontations at all costs as I cannot stand how frightened it makes me feel and Its just not worth all the pain and upset.

Do you struggle with confrontation anxiety? If so how do you handle it?

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Inspiring things to tell your child each night, plus links to two amazing products for little space fans.

Inspiring things to tell your child each night, plus links to two amazing products for little space fans.

This post contains affiliate links.

For Christmas, last year, our son received lots of glow in the dark stars which looked fabulous next to his light up moon, they came with some lovely affirmations for children which I happen to love. But before I reveal how great these really are, let me quickly describe how cute the light up moon is just in case you wish to purchase one.

The moon can be attached to the wall easily by hanging on a hook like a picture, and it comes with a small control which easily lets you switch from quarter moon, a half moon to full moon. It makes a fabulous night light and looks exactly like the real moon. It's amazing for any space enthusiasts. My son thoroughly loves this, and will now only sleep when it's shining. If you wish to buy one for your child, simply click the image below and it will lead you straight to Amazon.

The moon looks excellent with the glow in the dark stars, and they truly light up the room and make it feel as if you're really in space. These liderstar stars are very soothing so if your child has trouble sleeping these can definitely help. I speak from experience my son is suddenly terrified of monsters and it's really hard to settle him, but with the light up moon and these glow in the dark stars, he's fallen asleep much more quickly. You can purchase these stars by clicking the image below, again it will take you straight to Amazon.

Now I've let you know about these two amazing things, Its time to reveal the affirmations which actually came with the stars. I think they're amazing and can have a really lovely impact on children it can boost their self-esteem and make them feel much more positive and confident about life. Take a look below.

  • Never give up on your dreams 

  • You can be whatever you want to be 

  • When you grow up, don't let other people decide for you and what you're able or not able to do. 

  • The world will open many doors and experiences for you. 

  • Every moment, always remember how smart you are. 

  • No matter what will happen or what will be, we love you to the moon and back and you're like a big shining star. 

After reading these charming affirmations I try to say some of these to my son each night before bed, and it makes us both happy and will hopefully help him to feel more positive. Due to me being an overthinker, I sort of think he's exactly the same, I catch him sometimes looking like he is doing some deep thinking and he has a lot of questions about the world. Therefore, I try my hardest to be knowledgeable and help him recognize how much potential he has. I definitely don't want him to overthink the way I did as a child, so im doing everything I can to help him relax a little bit. 

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

My little embarrassing problem sent my anxiety through the roof!!!!!!!!

My little embarrassing problem sent my anxiety through the roof!!!!!!!!

Ever since New year, I've had to quietly deal with a somewhat embarrassing, yet entirely common problem which has gradually got worse and worse to the point where I can't even sit down without feeling enormous discomfort, I can't walk normally without looking like I've just given birth, and the intense itching has made me crazy. 

Can you guess what it is yet? That's right it's the ever so lovely and annoyingly bothersome condition called THRUSH. I've suffered from this a couple of times before, but this time it's a million times worse. Each night I've sat with my cuppa coffee and favorite snacks trying to watch my favorite show on tv, and bam, the irritating itching begins, I'm trying my hardest to resist the urge to scratch because I know it's going to cause me even more discomfort and no amount of cream has helped.

The amount of pain I've been in has been ridiculous It feels, like a huge bruise down there and truly feels as if given birth again that sore, bruised aching feeling that just won't let up. I made the mistake of googling the word thrush and cancer that's my trouble I always look for the worst case scenarios and end up in an enormous state thinking I'm going to die. If you do a quick google search you will see what I mean. 

I've been in floods of tears over this much to the confusion of my partner who could do nothing but tell me I was being over dramatic, and If it was that bad, I should probably go to the doctors. Days past and the pain and itching became unbearable I couldn't sleep, couldn't walk, couldn't sit down, even showering became difficult. So I finally psyched myself up and booked an appointment, but I was so embarrassed even though I've had a baby and literally lost every ounce of my dignity giving birth, the idea of a complete stranger shining a bright light down there was horrifying. 

On the day of the appointment, I stood in the shower tried my best to wash without causing any pain I made sure I looked tidy down there and shaved my legs. Gosh, I make more of an effort seeing a random doctor then when I'm going on a night out its crazy. 

So I dropped my son to school that morning and raced to the bus stop which instantly made me anxious I mean I had to run which meant I began to sweat and I was so worried that I would become smelly I wanted to ring and cancel. In most cases, I probably would have, but it was at the stage where it was affecting my entire life so no I ignored my feelings and dragged my sore, itchy self there. 

The doctor was great she made me feel relaxed and asked if I wanted her to have a look, in my head I was thinking yes I do mind and I definitely don't want to lay there and expose myself and reveal this embarrassing problem I have, but I thought about the long term and how much I want this to go away so I can begin to feel normal again. 

She asked me questions and the only reasonable explanation we came up with, was over Christmas I had a period, and because of my anxiety issues, I refuse to wear tampons mainly because Im terrified of developing toxic shock syndrome. So now I only wear pads, which often rub and cause itching so this is why it happened. 

I left the doctors surgery with a prescription for caneston cream and a pessary which I'll be honest I have not done yet because im so scared it's going to hurt yes I know it can't be any worse than childbirth, but I'm such a wimp when it comes to things like this, so I'm going to carry on with the cream for a few more days and see how I go. 

To anyone out there too afraid to go the doctors about this my advice is just to work up some courage and go it's never as bad as you think. Just imagine the number of people who visit doctors each day they have seen it all before and are there to help us, they don't want us to be uncomfortable and you'll only be on that table for two minutes it's over very fast, and they're so professional and never make us feel embarrassed.

Have you ever suffered from this? What did you do to help this irritating thing? 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

Have you ever been sat watching tv or reading a book and all of a sudden you get this huge, overwhelming urge to the head to the kitchen and grab a snack, even when you're still full up from dinner?

This happens to me all the time. I'm constantly anxious about what I'm doing to my health, and I've honestly lost count on the number of times I've become convinced that I've damaged my heart or increased my risk of experiencing a stroke. The whole situation makes me so afraid to eat rubbish that I'm always trying new diets making sure I fill up on fruit and vegetables, and I do try my absolute hardest to eliminate any junk food. However, because I have a six-year-old I've got biscuits, chocolate, cakes and ice cream on hand and resisting the urge to sit and eat everything usually out of complete boredom is extremely difficult.

I try and cook healthy dinners and feel amazing when I've eaten some but, about an hour or so later I'll head to the kitchen, and grab a bag of crisps and I'll be honest it's rarely ever one bag usually two or three followed by a large bar of chocolate then possibly some ice cream. Often when I'm having a down day eating this type of junk food can actually improve my mood for a few minutes that is until good old fashioned anxiety comes along and ruins my entire evening. I'll search the internet over and over again asking which foods can affect the heart, how junk food can damage your health, or how to prevent binge eating. Then what do you know, I'll start panicking over every single symptom.

Below is a quick summary of my chain of thoughts when I'm in that scary, anxious moment.

Why did I eat that?

Why am I feeling weird sensations throughout my body?

Why am I suddenly experiencing chest pain?

Have I damaged my heart?

Will I have a stroke?

Am I going to pass out?

Why is my left arm hurting?

Why can I feel my heart beating?

Since its new year and losing weight is one of my resolutions, I'm determined to come up with a plan to prevent this. I was going to start a few nights ago, but I accidentally ate an entire box of Pringles, ten mini snickers, and half a tub of Haagen Dazs ice cream whoops. 😱😱

Here is my new plan, which I'm hoping to achieve as soon as all the leftover snacks and junk has gone out of my house. Take a look and see if this could also work for you

Ditch the neverending diets

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

Im going to try my hardest to end all these silly diets where I'm honestly so hungry throughout the day it's no wonder im feeling peckish every evening. I'm going to make a meal plan and stick to it and throw a few healthier snacks in there, and hopefully, I won't crave junk food in the evening. 

Drink more water 

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

I'm a huge coffee addict and I can go an entire day just drinking coffee and nothing else, however, this does cause me a lot of problems like acid reflux, insomnia, dizziness, feeling sick and feeling a little shaky. Drinking more water throughout the day will not only help keep me hydrated but can also fill me up as well. Studies have shown that often when we're feeling hungry its usually because we are thirsty. 


How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

I find myself eating for the sake of it when I'm bored or unhappy. So having something to distract me when I'm feeling this way should be able to help. I love to try and keep busy, I enjoy knitting and crochet even though it takes me years to complete a project its always fun to find a nice jumper or something to create, and it prevents me from overthinking and will hopefully stop me binge eating as well.

Write in a journal. 

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

I keep a journal anyway to help with my anxiety and depression and I do have a post on how you can keep one you can read that here. Keeping a food journal can help me keep track of what I'm eating when I'm eating, and why I'm eating. Which can hopefully help me lose a few extra pounds as well. 

From what I've read binge eating is incredibly common and affects thousands of people around the world. However, discovering different ways to control those powerful urges will surely help keep this under control.  

It's a lousy thing to feel my body feels sluggish, causes weight gain, which I have really bad trouble getting rid off, and my skin certainly pays the price. But, I'm determined to try and prevent this and make myself feel better. 

Do you suffer from binge eating? If you do then how do you prevent it? 

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