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How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

Have you ever been sat watching tv or reading a book and all of a sudden you get this huge, overwhelming urge to the head to the kitchen and grab a snack, even when you're still full up from dinner?

This happens to me all the time. I'm constantly anxious about what I'm doing to my health, and I've honestly lost count on the number of times I've become convinced that I've damaged my heart or increased my risk of experiencing a stroke. The whole situation makes me so afraid to eat rubbish that I'm always trying new diets making sure I fill up on fruit and vegetables, and I do try my absolute hardest to eliminate any junk food. However, because I have a six-year-old I've got biscuits, chocolate, cakes and ice cream on hand and resisting the urge to sit and eat everything usually out of complete boredom is extremely difficult.

I try and cook healthy dinners and feel amazing when I've eaten some but, about an hour or so later I'll head to the kitchen, and grab a bag of crisps and I'll be honest it's rarely ever one bag usually two or three followed by a large bar of chocolate then possibly some ice cream. Often when I'm having a down day eating this type of junk food can actually improve my mood for a few minutes that is until good old fashioned anxiety comes along and ruins my entire evening. I'll search the internet over and over again asking which foods can affect the heart, how junk food can damage your health, or how to prevent binge eating. Then what do you know, I'll start panicking over every single symptom.

Below is a quick summary of my chain of thoughts when I'm in that scary, anxious moment.

Why did I eat that?

Why am I feeling weird sensations throughout my body?

Why am I suddenly experiencing chest pain?

Have I damaged my heart?

Will I have a stroke?

Am I going to pass out?

Why is my left arm hurting?

Why can I feel my heart beating?

Since its new year and losing weight is one of my resolutions, I'm determined to come up with a plan to prevent this. I was going to start a few nights ago, but I accidentally ate an entire box of Pringles, ten mini snickers, and half a tub of Haagen Dazs ice cream whoops. 😱😱

Here is my new plan, which I'm hoping to achieve as soon as all the leftover snacks and junk has gone out of my house. Take a look and see if this could also work for you

Ditch the neverending diets

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

Im going to try my hardest to end all these silly diets where I'm honestly so hungry throughout the day it's no wonder im feeling peckish every evening. I'm going to make a meal plan and stick to it and throw a few healthier snacks in there, and hopefully, I won't crave junk food in the evening. 

Drink more water 

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

I'm a huge coffee addict and I can go an entire day just drinking coffee and nothing else, however, this does cause me a lot of problems like acid reflux, insomnia, dizziness, feeling sick and feeling a little shaky. Drinking more water throughout the day will not only help keep me hydrated but can also fill me up as well. Studies have shown that often when we're feeling hungry its usually because we are thirsty. 


How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

I find myself eating for the sake of it when I'm bored or unhappy. So having something to distract me when I'm feeling this way should be able to help. I love to try and keep busy, I enjoy knitting and crochet even though it takes me years to complete a project its always fun to find a nice jumper or something to create, and it prevents me from overthinking and will hopefully stop me binge eating as well.

Write in a journal. 

How binge eating affects my anxiety, And a plan to help myself.

I keep a journal anyway to help with my anxiety and depression and I do have a post on how you can keep one you can read that here. Keeping a food journal can help me keep track of what I'm eating when I'm eating, and why I'm eating. Which can hopefully help me lose a few extra pounds as well. 

From what I've read binge eating is incredibly common and affects thousands of people around the world. However, discovering different ways to control those powerful urges will surely help keep this under control.  

It's a lousy thing to feel my body feels sluggish, causes weight gain, which I have really bad trouble getting rid off, and my skin certainly pays the price. But, I'm determined to try and prevent this and make myself feel better. 

Do you suffer from binge eating? If you do then how do you prevent it? 

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