Thursday, 3 January 2019

Bird Box Movie review and 9 unanswered questions

Bird Box Movie review and 9 unanswered questions

Warning this post contains some spoilers!!

I need to talk about the movie Birdbox which I thought was amazing it had a very intriguing plot and was incredibly suspenseful. I felt practically glued to the tv wondering if the characters would survive or not and if we were going to catch a glimpse of the monsters, and in one specific scene we do, and that's through character Gary's drawings even though we never see them on screen we get a pretty good idea what they look like.

There's an extreme amount of hype surrounding this movie, everybody seems to be talking about it, and it's been viewed by 45 million in its first week of release. Netflix has actually put out a tweet saying it has been the best seven days ever for a Netflix film. Before I begin to raise a few questions, which im hoping will be answered soon, let me briefly explain the plot.

Sandra Bullock plays a mum who is struggling to survive on a treacherous journey through the woods with her two young children in a post-apocalyptic world. A mysterious force has inhabited the earth, and if you see it, you will die, by violently committing suicide. Therefore the three of them must embark on a scary journey blindfolded facing whatever threat comes there way. Even though I really enjoyed this movie there are a few questions which I found myself wondering while watching. 

  • Mallorys birds detected any sign of the monster or somebody possessed if that's the case then how come they did not react that way with Greg when he arrived? 
  • Bit random but when they shopped for groceries how the hell did they get everything in that car?
  • How come Mallory was not affected like her sister in the car? 
  • Where did Lucy and Felix go once they stole the car? did they survive? 
  • How come some people see the monsters and survive? 
  • How did the birds survive after being thrown in the water during the rapids? 
  • What if when Rick sent out radio transmissions searching for other survivors, the monsters showed up instead?
  • How did they survive for five years with two babies? 
  • How did dr Lapham survive and end up at the sanctuary? 

I hope one day we will get these answers because they're driving me crazy. All in all, I did really enjoy this movie it wasn't a watch behind your pillow scary, more of a suspenseful thriller and left me wondering what on earth could happen next. I would definitely recommend watching this it is very good although it leaves some unanswered questions which have made me want to watch again to understand it a little better.

What do you think of this movie? 

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