Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Inspiring things to tell your child each night, plus links to two amazing products for little space fans.

Inspiring things to tell your child each night, plus links to two amazing products for little space fans.

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For Christmas, last year, our son received lots of glow in the dark stars which looked fabulous next to his light up moon, they came with some lovely affirmations for children which I happen to love. But before I reveal how great these really are, let me quickly describe how cute the light up moon is just in case you wish to purchase one.

The moon can be attached to the wall easily by hanging on a hook like a picture, and it comes with a small control which easily lets you switch from quarter moon, a half moon to full moon. It makes a fabulous night light and looks exactly like the real moon. It's amazing for any space enthusiasts. My son thoroughly loves this, and will now only sleep when it's shining. If you wish to buy one for your child, simply click the image below and it will lead you straight to Amazon.

The moon looks excellent with the glow in the dark stars, and they truly light up the room and make it feel as if you're really in space. These liderstar stars are very soothing so if your child has trouble sleeping these can definitely help. I speak from experience my son is suddenly terrified of monsters and it's really hard to settle him, but with the light up moon and these glow in the dark stars, he's fallen asleep much more quickly. You can purchase these stars by clicking the image below, again it will take you straight to Amazon.

Now I've let you know about these two amazing things, Its time to reveal the affirmations which actually came with the stars. I think they're amazing and can have a really lovely impact on children it can boost their self-esteem and make them feel much more positive and confident about life. Take a look below.

  • Never give up on your dreams 

  • You can be whatever you want to be 

  • When you grow up, don't let other people decide for you and what you're able or not able to do. 

  • The world will open many doors and experiences for you. 

  • Every moment, always remember how smart you are. 

  • No matter what will happen or what will be, we love you to the moon and back and you're like a big shining star. 

After reading these charming affirmations I try to say some of these to my son each night before bed, and it makes us both happy and will hopefully help him to feel more positive. Due to me being an overthinker, I sort of think he's exactly the same, I catch him sometimes looking like he is doing some deep thinking and he has a lot of questions about the world. Therefore, I try my hardest to be knowledgeable and help him recognize how much potential he has. I definitely don't want him to overthink the way I did as a child, so im doing everything I can to help him relax a little bit. 

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