Wednesday, 23 January 2019

My favourite relaxation sounds, which helps me sleep easy and forget about anxiety.

My favourite relaxation sounds, which helps me sleep easy and forget about anxiety.

Lately, I've been having a really tough time sleeping, which is possibly because I'm laying wide awake, staring at the ceiling and overanalyzing everything. I'm not even anxious about anything in particular, it's the small things, like having to travel on a bus the following morning, having to face a large crowd of people at the school gates or even having to pop in a shop for supplies. I imagine all the worst case scenarios all the time and will become convinced that something disastrous might happen. I've never been one for going to bed early anyway because I'm such a night owl, so when I do eventually crawl into bed its usually around 2 am,  but I'm having to wake up again in four and a half hours so no wonder im always so bloody exhausted!!

I can't sleep without some kind of noise so each night I watch a film or tv show quietly on my iPad with my earphones in, and sometimes yes it does help, but other times I'll suddenly become engrossed in whatever I'm watching and it then I'll stay awake and watch the whole film. It can even be something I've seen a million times it doesn't matter it will still hold my attention and keep me interested and regretfully stop me from sleeping.  

Okay, now I've told you about my troubles, let me try to help you out and reveal what you've actually clicked on this post for, rather than listen to me rambling on sorry😳😳.

My cousin, also has trouble sleeping and she advised me to try listening to some relaxation sounds on youtube, and I have to say some of them are amazing and very relaxing. Below are some of my favorites check them out and see which could work for you.

I love this one because I'm obsessed with the ocean. Hearing the waves crashing gently on the shore is great for unwinding. I dream I'm on a nice pleasant, peaceful beach with no anxiety or stress. 

Who doesn't love a campfire?
This is very comforting to listen to I love the sounds of wolves in the distance, they're my all-time favorite animal, I love the sounds they make and im really at peace listening this. 

I was very surprised that I liked this one because I much prefer the sounds of nature, But its so quiet and surprisingly peaceful and something I can definitely fall asleep too. Sounds nothing like where I live which is next to an irritating main road which is extremely noisy.  Also, that view is amazing, isn't it? 

There's nothing better than a good old fashioned thunderstorm and a soothing crackling fireplace. It reminds me of my childhood sleeping at my grandma's house so quiet and peaceful. 

This is just nature at its finest. I feel so calm listening to this my worries disappear and I feel like Im actually there. 

As I said before, I love the sound of nature and wolves, but this one has coyotes aswel I honestly feel like im camping listening to this one.

These are just a few of them have a look around on youtube there are litrally thousands some with music in the background or some like these without music. Honestly, give these a try they can truly make a huge difference.

Have you found any other ones? Have you found any nice ones with wolves? reply in the comments below. x

I hope this helped you if so, feel free to share, comment and follow my blog for future updates. 

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