Sunday, 27 January 2019

My thoughts and tips on bullying

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Two days ago I was walking home from school after picking up my son, I noticed this teenage boy walking on his own and after a few minutes these two boys cycled over to him and began calling him some really humiliating names, he didn't respond he just looked terrified and they were repulsive to this poor kid, and my heart honestly broke for him.  As he walked on these boys began cycling slowly right beside him and continued to taunt him. I'm not sure what the young lad said, but it made one of them climb off his bike and stand directly in front of him. Anyway, they continued being horrible, started laughing and cycled away. 

I walked over to the boy while he was standing still looking at his phone and I quietly asked if he was okay, he nodded then he carried on walking. I was behind with my son who luckily didn't notice how horrible these boys were because he was more interested in picking up random sticks off the floor and pretending they were ghostbuster lasers or something😅😅. A few minutes passed, and these boys came back once again to tease him and it made the boy run, I got a little fed up at this point and asked them to leave him alone well you can probably imagine the response I received. However, I informed them that this boy hadn't done anything to them and it's not fair to bully and scare him. I told them that he was gone now anyway so why don't they go, they muttered something and rode away. 

They were finally gone, and as we walked a little more down the road, we saw the boy sitting on a bench looking too frightened to move we walked over, and I informed him that they were gone, however, just in case they choose to come back maybe it was a good idea to go home. He said he wanted to but was too scared in case they came back, and nobody was answering the phone to come and get him so I asked if he lived nearby and he said about ten-fifteen minutes away on a road that was near where we live so I offered to walk him back and he accepted. We approached his house and I advised him to talk with his parents or teachers so they can help he assured me that he would, said thank you and went indoors. I felt so sorry for him because I remember what those walks home from school was like, especially if you're on your own with a gang of kids in front and behind you it was terrifying. 

I felt like I did the right thing and stopped anything horrible happening to him. But it did get me thinking about how terrible bullying is and how I'm utterly terrified for my son. I'm trying my best to avoid thinking about his scary teenage years especially after what I saw today, but I can't help it. It's quite horrendous we want our children to be independent and able to tackle anything on there own such as walks home or bus and train journeys yet, there's so much trouble everywhere, and I'm going to be frightened to let him out of my sight.

I can't stand bullies they make me feel sick, trying to convince someone that they're worthless and not important or cherished in life is one of the cruelest things they can do. I mean what right have these people got to make anyone feel hated and less superior to them.?

Growing up was very hard for me in school, I didn't engage with others, I would sometimes avoid a  class because somebody I was scared off was sitting by me, I had a few things thrown at me, I was called names I didn't have many friends and I tried my best to be invisible. Yes, this was bad but they treated another girl much worse than me. This girl was bullied every single day because she had braces and without sounding horrible she did have a particular smell about her. So bullies made her life hell. I remember wandering down a corridor and noticing her with a large crowd of people, pushing and throwing stuff at her. She was crying and pleading with them to stop, but as usual, they didn't listen they thought this was hilarious and carried on. I used to catch her sobbing in the toilets and when I asked whether or not she was okay she just ignored me. I never got an opportunity to talk to her because like me she always wanted to be alone. I often think about her and wonder how her life is now if she's happy and put her difficult school days behind her. I've searched on social media for her but haven't found her yet. But even if I did, I wouldn't know what to say because for all I know she may resent the fact that I never helped. But the truth is I was too scared and anxious myself, I avoided any confrontation. I was somewhat selfish, and if I could go back in time, I would try my best to get over my own vulnerabilities and help her in any way that I could.

My thoughts and tips on bullying

These days our entire lives are plastered all over social media, you can litrally find out anything about someone it's so easy to be targeted, and it can cause an extreme amount of damage to somebody's self-esteem. I feel incredibly sorry for people that take their own lives because of this. It's horrendous to think that somebody can feel so lost, like the whole entire world is out to get them, and the only possible way out is to end it all its really sad but it happens every day. 

Bullying can happen to anyone at any age it can happen anywhere like 

  • School
  • Work
  • Between friends
  • Social media
  • Families
  • Relationships
  • A casual walk down the shops
  • Neighbors

Tips to deal with bullies.

Over the years I've come to learn what the best way of handling bullies are check them out below.

 Tell someone

Bottling it up inside out of fear or embarrassment is one of the worst things you can do, in fact, it can make you feel worse and isolated. If you're being bullied at school, work or anywhere then tell a trustworthy adult the entire story and how bad it's making you feel. Remember if you don't tell anyone then nobody will know and the situation can only get worse. Teachers, parents, bosses are all there to help and will do everything they can to keep you safe and happy. Don't be afraid to tell someone because you might get called a telltale as bullying can have severe consequences. Speak up for yourself or others and stop those bullies in their tracks. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Try to avoid where your bully hangs out. 

Don't go anywhere near where they are if you see them walking towards you turn around and walk a different way. If you see them walking into the toilet go to a different one, and if you see them walking the same route as you home either walk with friends so your not alone or go a different way. But don't avoid going to school or work don't let them think they have the authority to keep you away you need both and nobody has a right to push you out. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Try your best to ignore them and stand tall.

I know its hard to ignore a bully but stand tall, don't react and ignore them. Think of something that makes you happy try not to get upset because this will show them that there winning. They like to bully and create a reaction so don't show your feelings let it pass and walk away with confidence. They will soon get bored and move on. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Always be with your friends. 

Granted you can't stick to your friends like glue but whenever possible try to not be by yourself if your bullies catch you alone they will see an opportunity to harass you.

My thoughts and tips on bullying

Act confident and tell them to leave you alone

Occasionally bullies will try to surround you and try to hurt you stand tall, look them in the eye, tell them to leave you alone and let them know you don't want to fight. Try not to show emotion and definitely do not cry this will give them power over you and they will use this as a way to scare and humiliate you. 

My thoughts and tips on bullying

As I said, bullies love a reaction because they feel like they've got one over you, have ripped you apart and defeated you. The one thing that can anger a bully is not to seem bothered by them act like they're not even there and don't let them stop you from being happy. There's always a way out, somebody is always waiting to comfort you, and help you deal with the situation.

I really hope you're not going through this at the moment as its one of the worst things to have to face. let me know your views in the comments below and if you ever need to talk I'm always here to chat. x 

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  1. Such sad stories, well done you though. It's awful that it's being more prevalent on social media.

    1. Hey, thank you, I hate seeing it makes me feel sick watching people get bullied, and yeah it's horrible its like you can't get away from it. Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥