Monday, 18 February 2019

100 Things that seriously irritate me

100 Things that seriously irritate me

They're numerous things I can't stand in life, things that really do irritate me or make me feel physically sick and I thought it would be fun to list these right now for you all.

Do any of these make you want to hide in a pitch dark room away from these terrible things, or is it just me?

  1. People who pick their nose 
  2. Vomit
  3. Bad breath
  4. Mold
  5. Spiders
  6. When people touch their eyeballs 
  7. Walking behind really slow people, or people that are casually standing still having a chat in the middle of the street.
  8. Awkward silences
  9. Crowds
  10. People who spit in the street
  11. Bird Poo
  12. When people throw their rubbish on the floor especially when there is a bin right next to them 
  13. When one ear on my headphones breaks
  14. Dirty kitchen sides
  15. Scratching sounds 
  16. Confrontation
  17. Self-obsessed people 
  18. Rudeness
  19. Being ignored for no apparent reason 
  20. A slow laptop 
  21. When my hair gets tangled 
  22. When Im having a cuddle with my partner or son and they accidentally lean on my hair (so painful) 
  23. When a nail breaks 
  24. Cutting onions I cry every time 
  25. People who judge others 
  26. When I arrive somewhere and realize I've forgotten something 
  27. Having to wake up really early 
  28. Running out of coffee or tea
  29. When a lightbulb breaks 
  30. Really bossy people 
  31. Periods
  32. Dirty nails 
  33. When you see girls wearing hardly any clothing in the middle of winter (put on a jumper for god sake)
  34. Getting older
  35. Tv adverts
  36. When I finish an amazing series
  37. Hayfever
  38. The smell of wee especially when walking into a public restroom 
  39. Using public restrooms in general
  40. Uncrispy bacon 
  41. Being late 
  42. People that lie for no reason 
  43. Stubbing my toe
  44. Long toenails
  45. The random hard bit on a slice of bread
  46. When people take selfies every two minutes 
  47. When I'm trying to be sociable and people are just fixated on their phones ignoring everything I say. 
  48. Attention seekers
  49. When I get all cozy in bed then need a wee 
  50. Heartburn and indigestion
  51. Really smug people 
  52. People who look down there nose at everyone
  53. Having no money
  54. Hypocrites
  55. Feeling dizzy
  56. Hangovers
  57. People being mean to animals, I once saw a bunch of teens harassing an injured seagull and I made them leave it alone then tried to help but it got away. 
  58. When somebody messages me several times in a row (just write one long message please) 
  59. When men leave the toilet seat up
  60. When you notice wee on the toilet seat 
  61. When I'm in a rush and can't find my keys 
  62. When people chew their food with there mouths open
  63. When I want to watch a classic movie and its not on Netflix or Amazon Prime
  64. Preparing chicken 
  65. When people try to tell me how to raise my son 
  66. When people say 'oh well, life goes on' 
  67. When people say 'get over it'
  68. Toothaches
  69. Bullying
  70. That really annoying itch after I shave my legs and the hair is beginning to grow back
  71. When people try and force me some food after I've said no about ten times 
  72. Rude shop assistants 
  73. When parents scream at children in the street for no reason
  74. When it's so hot that I can't sleep 
  75. When I hold open a door for someone and they refuse to thank me (I won't bloody bother next time)
  76. Tangled headphones
  77. Drain hair
  78. When people put an empty milk bottle or tub of butter back in the fridge (have you ever heard of a bin?)
  79. When I have a runny nose in public and I don't have any tissue 
  80. Garlic breath 
  81. When people with no responsibilities and lots of money complain that their life is hard 
  82. When people talk over me 
  83. When girls complain about everything such as appearance, hair, nails, botox, diets, clothing (give me pizza, no makeup, baggy jumpers, and messy hair anyday.)
  84. When I want to cook a nice meal and I'm missing one specific ingredient
  85. When socks mysteriously disappear
  86. When I make my son a nice meal and he tells me he doesn't like it without even trying
  87. When im trying to make an important phone call and my son decides its time to scream and shout and the top of his voice
  88. Also when I'm on the phone I hate it when my partner tries to make me laugh and I have to try my best to act serious
  89. Asking if anybody needs the toilet and they all answer no but as soon as I start to go, everybody's suddenly desperate
  90. When I wake up in the middle of the night to my son standing right next to me beside the bed (its honestly like a horror film)
  91. When I step on a piece of lego (oh my god, the pain)
  92. When a DVD is not in its case
  93. When I forget to charge my phone
  94. Insect Bites 
  95. When I can't get an annoying song out of my head (damn you baby shark Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah)
  96. When someone repeats everything I say
  97. Bitchy people
  98. When my cat decides to lay right on top of me and I haven't got the heart to move him, So I lay uncomfortably until he decides to wake up. 
  99. When I start to talk and nobody listens
  100. When I can't think of anything more to add to this list

Feel free to add some more to this list,
What annoys you? 


  1. When the train is too crowded on the way home from work and I'm crammed in like a sardine.

    1. Oh gosh yes, so annoying can feel so claustrophobic.

  2. Hi dear! This is a very interesting post. I seriously hate spiders as well. I'm wondering, will there be a list of 100 that seriously make you happy becoming in the future? I'm excited to read that one :) Much love!

    1. Hey, that's a great idea I'll defiantly look into that may take me a while to think of things though haha. Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥

  3. When people say "only you," because it's NOT ONLY ME..well, sometimes it is like when I suddenly blew up a container of blue rice and it's all over my kitchen. Like Glitter. It's never going to go away. This time next year I'll take pictures of the weird places I find dried up blue rice. Nasi Kerabu, that's why (I know you wanted to ask.)

    1. Yes that's very annoying as well because its not 'only us' I'm sure lots of people do it. I'll look forward to the pictures of that. 🤣🤣

  4. Yup. Most of those things annoy me as well!