Thursday, 21 February 2019

Some of my most weird and anxious thoughts throughout the day.

Some of my most weird and anxious thoughts throughout the day.

I thought It would be fun to write a post on every weird, strange and overemotional thoughts I had enter my mind today. I've seen somebody do this before and I found it really interesting, My life isn't particularly exciting though, so I apologize if this is a little boring, but hopefully, you like it. I've remembered most of them and decided to share them with you. These began in the morning through to evening, of course, I'm not going to write every single one I had because that would take way to long. The times may not be entirely accurate but are close enough.

Here goes... 

7.05  am 
oh god no, I don't want to get up, maybe I can pretend im sick then my partner can take on this house today. 

7.15 am 
Okay, I can hear him huffing and cant press snooze on my alarm anymore, I best get up. 

7.40 am 
Right, get up and sort yourself out woman, I need coffee 

8.17 am
Coffee is life, why does it taste so good. but now my hearts beating so fast, I feel sick, I think I made it to strong, JUST TRY TO CALM DOWN JO. 

After preparing breakfast and eventually calming down I realized Its a lovely day outside the sun is shining for a change, so I was debating taking a little trip out somewhere.

10.08 am 
Maybe I can take my son to the beach, even though it looks hot, It's probably still cold, what the heck am I going to wear? will I look stupid without a coat? will people think I'm a bad mother for not putting a coat on my son? oh no maybe we could stay in and watch a film instead. 

10.18 am
Now I feel bad and guilty, stop being so ridiculous. Enough of the excuses get yourself out there and enjoy yourself. 

10.45 am 
oh my god, why do children never listen, why is it so hard to put their foot in a sock, does it warrant a massive tantrum on the floor? 

10.51 am 

11.01 am 
No, I don't want to go, there are too many people. 

11.15 am
Right were all ready, grab the keys and let's go. 

11.16 am
oh great, where are the keys? where did I put them? FOR GODSAKE WHY DOES EVERYTHING GO MISSING IN THIS HOUSE? 

11.45 am
Oh god, I thought it was really warm, I better go back and get our coats.

11.49 am 

finally, we're on our way, I hope nobody is noticing how I'm walking or the way my hair is litrally flying all over the place in the wind and in my poxy mouth.

12.10 pm 

Were here, It's so lovely and peaceful, I just hope nobody thinks we are silly for coming down when it's not all that warm. 

Some of my most weird and anxious thoughts throughout the day.

12.25 pm 
How cool would it be to see a shark or a whale right now just jump out of the water

12.30 pm
I would love to go in, but its freezing and I can't swim

12.39 pm 
I'm gonna run away from the waves, It's so much fun I'm like a child all over again. 

13.00 pm 
Oh no, there are people coming, I better stop running and act my age, They've just smiled at me don't be rude Jo smile back preferably without pulling some stupid face. 

13.15 pm
I love to throw stones in the sea It's so much fun but imagine how much it would hurt if one hit me on the head, I hope when I Throw them I'm not harming any fish. Oh, now I feel bad Im gonna stop. 

13.30 pm
Getting chilly now, time to go home. My child never listens how can I get him off this beach, I know I'll remind him of some amazing chocolate we have waiting for him at home. 

Okay, I know its bad to bribe, but sometimes it just has to be done. 

13.50 pm 
finally home, time for another coffee and another snack, I wonder how many Maltesers I can fit in my mouth at once.

I only managed 7 before I nearly threw up got effort though. 

14.55 pm 
Saw a random post on facebook earlier, somebody asked how long would it take a giraffe to throw up, kind of intrigued now I'm gonna have to google it. 

Bit random but if you want to know do a quick search and you will see. 

15.10 pm 
Oh no, I've got a very random headache in the corner of my eye which paracetamol is not touching. what could it be? 

15.25 pm 
I'm gonna have to google this, there must be some explanation apart from a brain tumor or eye cancer, I need to ring my mum about this. 

After a very long chat with my mum, she practically laughed and told me to stop being so dramatic, I'm not dramatic but its very scary when I have something wrong and can't seem to get rid of it. 

16.49 pm 
oh, great time for dinner what can I make that takes less than one minute? nothing, brilliant a quick and easy Chili for us then and an Omelette for our son

17.15 pm 
Please don't say you don't like Omelettes, you have had them many times before there is nothing wrong with it. 

17.16 pm 
There is no hair in it. 

17.17 pm 
there are no vegetables in it. 

17.18 pm 

18.20 pm 
Yes, I'll get pudding, yes I'll make a coffee, yes I'll iron just about every inch of clothing in this place, yes I'll feed the cat. I'll just do everything, shall I? while you my lovely other half, sits and plays football on the PlayStation!!!

19.00 pm 
Why does my leg suddenly ache for no reason? time for another google session 

19.12 pm 
Oh great so I've either got restless legs, a blood clot, varicose veins or I've just overworked them, slim chance of overworking them, I've only been to a beach not even a ten minute walk away. 

19.20 pm 
No please don't make me read the same story before bed over and over again, lets read one of your new books. No your gonna make me read the same thing okay here goes... 

19.30 pm 
Time to go to sleep now please sleep I want to have a bath and relax 

19.35 pm 
No there are no monsters, No there are no ghosts, No there is not a snake under your bed, no there is not a gremlin in the wardrobe, shh now time to sleep. 

20.00 pm 
I love baths there so amazing I feel like nothing can disturb me. (Just as I thought that my son peeps his head around the door and informs me that he had to wake up because he forgot to say goodnight to the hamster, he then took himself back to bed)

20.15 pm 
I best make sure he's okay and has got some covers on because it's bloody freezing. Aww, I litrally love him so much however much he annoys me hes so adorable and precious. Im gonna give him a hug. 

20.18 pm 
Oh, crap he's waking up quick run get out of the room. 

20.35 pm
Why is it everyone seems to be having lots of fun in photos on Facebook, and I'm sat here on my own resenting the fact that they live life each day without any worries and full of confidence. 

20.49 pm
I can't stop thinking about everyone else, and I'm so worried that there's something wrong with me do people find me weird? Do people find me unapproachable? Am I just really boring.? Stop Jo, try to take your mind of it don't sit and wallow and definitely don't cry over this again. 

21.00 pm 
I'm going to watch a film I think to take my mind off everything. I wonder what it would be like to be an actress, so amazing, but I would be rubbish considering how socially anxious and awkward I am. 

21.30 pm 
over a hundred channels and I cannot find anything to watch, I'll listen to some music instead.

I don't know about any of you, but no matter how sad or anxious I feel I always listen to sad music I have no idea why because I just end up crying my eyes out. It only lasted ten minutes this time then I had to turn it off. 

21.45 pm
Screw it I'll go to bed, I feel anxious, stressed and emotional what's the point in staying awake. 

After a while, I quickly fell asleep. Well, that was a rather random day apart from the obsessive worrying about my health, and the sudden wave of emotions before bed, my leg still aches but at least my headache has gone so at least that's something. 

If you've made it this far without getting bored then thanks so much for reading. x


  1. I have been there with these thoughts! It can make the day a bit challenging. The good thing to note though is that you becoming aware of these thought routines. That's a step in the direction to taking control of them ♡

    1. Hey, I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking like this, yes it's a good thing because I can tell when I'm going to feel a certain way, and I can try my best to take control of them. Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥

  2. It's always the little things isn't it? The socks comment made me laugh haha.

    1. Hey, yes always the little things that annoy me the most. Oh gosh, those damn socks, every single time haha. Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥

  3. I really related to this post. Writing down your thoughts always helps. Thank you for sharing <3

    1. Hey, I'm so glad you can relate, and I'm not the only one, yes it certainly does help at least I can find some sort of way to control them. Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥

  4. I always wonder about people in their Facebook posts and photos too! But they're only showing us what they want us to see. Thank you for letting us peek into your day and mind. Great post!

    1. Hey, thank you, yeah looking at Facebook can be so depressing and cause a lot of upset but as you say its only what they want to show us. Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥

  5. Anxiety just sucks. I’ve never written my thoughts down—maybe because I’m just scared of the sheer volume. I can see how it might help though. I may give it a try. This was a great post. Thanks for sharing your day!

    1. Hey, thank you, this wasn't the only thoughts I was thinking, if I wrote them all it would take forever and most of them I don't want to remember because they are so random and weird. I wasn't going to write this post, but I thought it would be a great way for you all to get to know me a little better. Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥

  6. This. Love that you’re open & honest. We need more people to fight the stigma!
    -Morgan @

    1. Hey, thank you, yes we certainly do need more people too because it's such an awful thing to deal with. Thanks for commenting. ♥